Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pioneer DEH-P800PRS

Premier™ CD Receiver with High Quality Audio Design and Copper Plated Chassis

  • Auto-EQ and Auto-Time Alignment

  • Dual (L/R) 16-Band Graphic EQ

  • Burr-Brown DACs for the purest sound

Suggested Price: $550.00

The moment you see it, you know there is something special about the DEH-P800PRS. The centerpiece of the Premier-exclusive PRS lineup, it is designed for those that love music - and love to hear it the best way possible.

Exclusive PRS High Quality Sound Design
Unprecendented control for the purest sound.

  • Dual (L/R) 16-Band Graphic EQ for unprecendented control

  • Auto EQ easily creates a baseline equalization for your vehicle

  • Auto Time Alignment adjusts for speaker placement and creates exceptional staging and imaging

  • Burr-Brown DACs for the purest sound
  • Hi-Volt (5V) Pre-Outs

Pure White OEL Display with Screensavers
The DEH-P880PRS uses an exclusive White OEL (Organic Electro-Luminescent) display. This creates a clean, easy-to-read display that easily fits in with any dashboard.

Multi-Language Display
For extra convenience, selected OEL models now come with a multi-language display, which can show information in three different languages-English, French, or Spanish. Using the Rotary Commander, allows the user to change default language for all screen displays and menus.

Auto-Flap Motorized Face
Loading a CD into the Auto-Flap Motorized Face is actually fun. Push the OPEN button and the motorized face plate slides out of the way to expose the CD slot, and back again when the CD's loaded. Just for fun, do it again. And when you leave the vehicle, the face can go with you. Just push the OPEN button, pull the face toward you, and pop it into the included face case. And out you go. Another advantage with this design: the face protects the CD slot from dust.


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